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Enough is enough

отправил очередное послание, не уверен, что напечатают, так что повешу здесь просто ради удовольствия (своего)

The Citizen, office of PM and CBC

Soon it will be a year of life under house arrest.
And I do believe that vast majority of Canadians think – enough is enough.
We had enough of government induced panic, incompetence and broken promises.
From start to finish Canadian governments of all levels demonstrated total lack of vision and proper reaction to pandemic.
Waiting for WHO advise instead of taking necessary steps in early stages of COVID-19.
Medical advises – don’t wear masks/wear masks – that where based on nothing, labeling some businesses “essential” and others – not,  without rhyme or reason, closing borders and declaring mandatory quarantine but apparently with many exception for many important people.
Federal government ordered more vaccine than we have people in Canada but apparently cannot even properly distribute the actual miser we received.
Federal government closing borders again (?!!!) and threatening Canadian citizens with mandatory detention – based on what Chapter of Human Rights? – while COVID variants already in the country.
Most likely brought in by ministers or members of Parliament(s) and other important people who had a right to vacation in Cuba or Mexico.
Federal and provincial governments are destroying small businesses – simple fabric of Canadian society. And we all are going to pay for it.
 I also have to say that our media completely dropped the ball – instead of being defenders of democracy and questioning every action of the government - majority of media played in tune with government – scaring people.
And my special thank you to those doctors who were trying to strangle any signs of business or social life in Canada.
It is very nice that while you are doing this you are getting paid full salary unlike Joe Blow who worked at Home Depot.
Yes, we do need to fight this virus and save as many lives as we can but this can be done smart without house arrests and scary stories.
We need to open all businesses with reasonable limitation on number of customers. We need to be consistent on social distancing, wearing masks and using sanitizers.
We need to either open borders and make sure that every person arriving to Canada will follow quarantine rules without exception or close borders for everything and everybody except food and medicine delivery.
And we do need an actual plan and timeline for vaccination.
Trudeau’s song and dance doesn’t work anymore.

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