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Israel, Palestine and occupiers…

  I read big opinion article: “ Apeirogon: Another colonialist misstep in commercial publishing “ by Susan Abulhawa and I agree with her – there is no way we can compare suffering of Palestinians and their occupiers – Israelites.

 We do have the same problem in Canada – suffering of native people cannot be compare with the misfortune of their colonizers – white people.

 What Susan writes about Israel: “A powerful group of people stole a land, colonised it, and are going about obliterating its indigenous people”can be said about Canada too.

 The only small question remains – what’s next? If Arabs cannot accept that “Israelis "have families too”and native people of America cannot accept white “occupiers” then what is the solution?

 Will Jews leave Israel? Will white people leave North America?

  Not in your life….

  We have nowhere to go. Millions of people will not leave the only country they know and move back to Europe or whatever place Jews and Whites came from.

It’s just not going to happen.

 So, either susans of Palestine and North America will accept that Jews and Whites are here to stay and    try to live with us like normal neighbors or they will deny us right to exist…..

 And fights like this can have only one winner.

Tags: sarcasm

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