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The end of the road for pora-valit ( )

  Since I didn’t get a reply from the owner ( ) of this journal I have to assume that I was correct  that in this group you can criticize Russia or any other former soviet republics and their current governments and you can try to convince people to leave those terrible regimes but….

   YOU CANNOT CRITICIZE President Trump and his administration. And if you do, you will be excluded from this group. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was branded “leftist” and thrown out from immigration haven by comrade (
  It is sad and really stupid and only proves one thing – when homo sovieticus gets a little bit of power either in Russia or in immigration discussion group they are unstoppable in their desire to remove any views that contradict their believes.
  Too bad, I think this discussion group was interesting source of information and a good platform for exchange of opinions. I also think that discussions of good and bad sides of immigration were helping our compatriots to decide if immigration is the way to go.
  But what’s done is done and life is too short to waste it fighting pro-Trump idiots in immigration group.
  As of today I left pora_valit.
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