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 I came to Canada as landed immigrant from Russia more then 20 years ago. I believe that people have a right to decide where they want to live and I also believe that Canada has an obligation to help victims of political, racial, sexual or religious oppression.  Why am I against the resettlement of 25 000 refugees from Syria in Canada? Because I think it is a wrong solution.
Syrian refugees are victims of civil war. Vast majority of them did not plan to leave the country before civil war started and majority of them will return to their homes as soon as war ends. The same way it happened to refugees from Lebanon, former Yugoslavia or Rwanda. That is why Syrian refugees do not want to go to Canada or USA (If my information is correct only 11 000 refugees
agreed to consider move to Canada). So, moving 25 000 people to a temporary home on other side of the planet will be very nice and expensive exercise in futility.
            We also have to consider problems that will be created by moving so many people to Canada in such short time:

  • there will be an added pressure on healthcare providers and, as a result, increased waiting time for everybody. As far as I know none of the provinces decided to hire additional nurses or doctors or to increase number of beds in the hospitals;

  • problems with the social housing. Once again, we don’t have enough affordable homes for low income people who are already in Canada and I didn’t hear that anybody is increasing funding or construction in that area;

  • problems with schools and daycare – same reasons as above;

  • increased pressure on social assistance, since federal government will give a priority to mothers with kids to come to Canada first it is obvious that vast majority of them will rely on financial assistance from the provinces.

    One other problem with moving so many people to Canada is federal government itself. It is still fidgeting with the cost of resettling of Syrian refugees in Canada – at the beginning it was 200 million, now it is 1.2 billion, tomorrow..?  It is also obvious that promise to bring only families or mothers with children to Canada is just smoke and mirrors. Are Canadians prepared to refuse entry to the uncle or grandfather or brother of that mother? Of course not and we all know that. I’m not very concern with possibility of increased terrorist activities in Canada, unfortunately, as life already had showed us, majority of terrorist acts in Canada or in Europe are committed by our own citizens.
What are my suggestions? To help Syrians where they are – in the Middle East. First, Canada should provide financial help  to the countries that are most affected by refugee crisis, to help refugees in their camps (health, education, policing, etc.) Second, Canada should help to end the civil war in Syria by eliminating ISIS and removing Assad from power, so Syrian people can return and start to rebuild their homeland.

I wrote it 6 month ago
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